Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Morning, World

Congratulations to James Franco on his Tony nom.... oh wait he didn't get nominated? Uhhhhh this is awkward. You should probably cover yourself up, James. 


das buut said...

I think it's better this way. Less head up his ass, plus more stunts for attention because he feels unacknowledged. Maybe we'll get frontal or even an 'art' tape.

Used to hot said...

Um, try taking that selfie again...but this time someone attractive and appealing...like your kid brother. :/

AG said...

He's come a long way since being tied up in his thong in 'Whatever It Takes'. Past his prime but he still looks good in his movies - these selfies are not flattering imo.

How I wish Henry Cavill/Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth...did this too.