Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Morning, World

I always feel suspect when Jensen Ackles comes up because he kinda usually does nothing for me while I know the internet flows upon a river of moistness from what he does to everybody else, but I will say that whatever these shots are from (I have no idea, I stumbled upon them on the Tumblr) they might be the most impressive case I've seen yet as to his supposed charms.


AG said...

I'm just like you. He is technically gorgeous, he IS gorgeous but I don't have the hots for him though.

But those GIFs OMG! Breathtakingly Gorgeous <3

Anonymous said...

Jensen Ackles. He's one of those men who's an enigma. He can be really handsome, rather pretty, sexily gorgeous. But on the flip-side, he can look kinda average, sorta odd, and even bland.

Part of his charms are lucky genetics; with clear skin, nice hair, broad shoulders, narrow hips, sweet bone structure, plump lips and lovely eyes. However, apparently genetics can go against him, too. With weight yo-yo'ing, deep lines on his neck, long lines under his eyes, a rather tiny rear end, ¿bulge size?, bowed legs seemingly cute and there then not there.

I'm not trying to be cruel or an ass. I think he can act well. He has gotten more masculine and deeper voiced since the first few seasons of SPN. Though, why never show him (or Jared or Misha) in better fitting clothing on occasion on SPN? Show us their 'ass'ets sometimes. Girls and guys would like to see some butts and bulges at times. Personally, the whole natty jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts, etc., have gotten way too long in the tooth so to say, especially after 14 years. Come on and let's see the 3 main men of SPN in some tight/fitted dress pants, dark jeans, leather pants, underwear, chinos, etc.

So, after my long ass rambling, I agree about Jensen Ackles. He can be hot and cold. Plenty of ladies and gents find him sexy and desirable. But how much truly is hype because of his fame?

I hope he has a good life, with his pretty wife and 3 kids.