Monday, April 28, 2014

Come Back To The Comeback, Comeback

I can hardly believe that this news is really real - I've spent so long wishing it to be really real, and now that it is (really real, that is) it feels really surreal. E!News has the first batch of details on what's what with the return of The Comeback (thanks Mac). Aunt Sassy & Co will start shooting the episodes in about three weeks, on May 19th. The writers have already been at work on it for a bit. It will be a six-episode series, front to back, but if it does well HBO's open to more. (SO WE WILL MAKE IT DO WELL, WON"T WE???) 

They also confirm that Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz will both be returning for at least some of it. I'm excited about those guys, to be sure ("Baby Girl" is wonderful, and Kellan's nipples are always welcome) but there are more important names we need to be hearing here. Like Robert Michael Morris as Mickey! Laura Silverman as Jane! Lance Barber and Robert Bagnell as Paulie G and Tom! And of course Damian Young as her strangely sexy husband Mark. Remember Marky Mark's butt? I sure do.

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Bill Carter said...

Delighted to hear that there will be new episodes of The Comeback.

But after I read the preceding Zachary Quinto item, I think that what we really need is a revival of Tori Spelling's excellent and wildly funny series So NoTORIous/, where Quinto played "Sasan" Tory's Iranian-American GBF.

When I watched the first episode, I was ready to patronize, but the show turned out to be one of the surprise delights of the year.