Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Hast Spike Forsaken Us

Oh no! This is what my big mouth gets us! Spike Jonze has deleted his Instagram account! We just called attention to it the other week after the Oscars, but now it's gone gone gone. How horrible. Why would he do such a thing to us? Come back, Spike! We only want to love you! And ogle you without your clothes on. That's all! To top off the insult he has quite a luxurious follicle situation right now as you can see in these pictures I just posted over at our Tumblr. Such scruff! Such spectacular scruff! Spectacular scruff smuggled away, snuffed out slash sequestered, sealed off and surreptitiously concealed! Oh the horrors. Well here are a couple more fine pictures of him I found wandering the wastelands of Tumblr; we can pretend we're best friends for an instant at least.

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Anonymous said...

have sex with him until there's nothing left .... XD