Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Do Jake

Let's just say that once Jake Gyllenhaal stripped naked on the set of the currently-filiming Everest for all the world (all the world = me, specifically) to see that Jake Gyllenhaal is back in the, uh, conversation, and in a big way. We were kind of turned off by his weight-loss and a bunch of douchey interviews he'd given... but we can't stay mad at him and we were swinging back his way after we adored his new movie Enemy the other week. Like seriously I adored it and I have been dying to watch it a second time ever since. It's finally out in proper theaters this weekend so y'all need to go if it's near you. It is fucking excellent.

Speaking of that film, the new art-work for the film in The New Yorker is beautiful - I can't quite figure out though, is Jake actually on the cover of the magazine that's on stands, or is that web-only artwork? I guess I could travel out of doors and find out myself but why don't you people just tell me and save me such nightmarish social activity. Thanks. Here's a trippy new poster for the movie:

I see him! I see him! Alright let's see what else... ah yes he's also on the cover of Man of the World magazine and there are some nice beardy pictures in it, so if you wanna see them hit the jump and you will, ta-dah, see them. Like magic, that.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Jake. I remember an Entertainment Weekly cover years ago with him soaking wet and all bright blue eyes and was delicious.