Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Morning, World

Well this is the obvious choice for today, am I right? Right. I'm off to Italia this afternoon; I have a crap-ton of stuff to do between now and then so will I be able to blog anymore? I don't know, I'll try if something strikes me and I have a second, but you probably shouldn't hold your breath or anything. Not for me, not for this!

I will use this as an excuse to remind you to head over to The Film Experience and vote on this week's Beauty Vs Beast poll though, where we've tossed both Tom & Dickie into the bathtub and are forcing them to wrestle it our for dominance. You're welcome.


Joey said...

This scene single-handedly got me through puberty.

Derreck said...

It might've caused mine.

Michael Natale said...

it definitely caused mine