Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Morning, World

Wait just a cotton-picking minute - there's another Skarsgård brother exposing himself in the world? What the hell was Stellan teaching in that house, and can he teach it to every body's family? I want him to have a televised parenting class. I suppose it would have to be on cable. Anyway I was looking up stuff on Vikings last night after doing that post about Travis Fimmel and Linus Roach's gay bath and there was Gustaf Skarsgård, brother to Alexander and Bill, staring at me.
I probably should've been aware of him since he was one of the dudes in Kon Tiki but this is the first time I'm noticing him. He's actually four years younger than Alexander; he reads older but I guess it's the thinning hair.

The pictures that you'll see after the jump are from a movie called Vi (translates to Us), which you know is gonna have some nakedness since everybody's all naked on the poster itself.

That said, it's very not safe for work stuff, so proceed with caution and/or expectant titilation. These boys seem to be in a race to one up each other, to all the world's benefit. Your move, Alexander!


George G said...

And hard! Whoa.

Anonymous said...

I always preferred him to Alexander, myself. He did a "gay movie" you know! Patrick 1,5. He one half of a gay couple who adopt a kid they think is 1,5 years old but end up being a 15 year old homophobe. It wasn't very good, except for the gay couple who are both fiiine.

Skarsgord said...

I can now triumphantly say that I have seen a father's penis and the penises of his three sons. So bizarre AND HOT! ;)