Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good Morning, World

A happy 46th birthday to Aaron Eckhart - I feel as if we need to strap him down in the back of a limo and tear his clothes open, a la this scene in Thank You For Smoking, and force him to rethink his career choices of late - it seems as if he looked at what Liam Neeson was doing as said, "Sure, why not, mama needs a vacation home," but then he stapled together a bunch of script pages that fell on the floor of his agent's office and handed those in to be made into a series of awful movies (that's how movies get made right?) presenting him as a tough guy, and so we end up with tripe like I, Frankenstein and Olympus Has Fallen and Battle Los Angeles (oh god Battle Los Angeles was so so terrible) instead of more Rabbit Holes. Rethink yourself, Aaron! And while we have him strapped down in the back of this limo with his clothes off, well... we might as well take advantage... I mean he's here already... it only makes sense.

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i like your way of thinking