Wednesday, March 05, 2014

From Welling To Felker And Beyond

I posted a different shirtless shot of Tom in this same old photo-shoot a few weeks ago, but egads somehow I missed them three humdingers. They're all via photographer Andrea Marino who is supposedly releasing a book of his celebrity photographs; I say supposedly because I can't find any links to where you'd buy said book... but he does have a lot of shots up on his website which're worth perusing, especially the ones of this dude Matt Felkor, whose name's been invading my space a bunch over the past few weeks and I have no idea why except just look at this motherfucker:

Oh, the beard. Oh, the everything else. Oh, the everything else PLUS the beard. Looking it up now I see he starred in a movie called Balls to the Wall about male strippers that JJ posted a couple of shots from last month, that's why his name seemed familiar; it was supposed to have been released on Netflix but checking Netflix it only says "Availability Date Unknown." Damn them! Also apparently he is in a relationship with Minnie Driver?!?!

How about them apples? Jesus, Minnie. Get it, girl. Alright so hit the jump for more shots of Mr. Felker with his everything else plus the beard (I do mean his literal beard, although lord knows I'm hoping that Minnie's his metaphorical beard)...


Anonymous said...

This guy is so gross. His head is a big as a horse. Yuck

Anonymous said...

Beautiful man. Total Adonis. Reminds me of the super models in the Versace books in the 90s