Thursday, March 20, 2014

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Judith: Something happened Pat, in just a second I saw it. It's like all this time I haven't been paying attention and all of a sudden I could see it. I don't know anything anymore, I don't know how long it will last or if it's wright or wrong. Maybe all we have are seconds we see clearly. 

I can't believe I was in a room with Holly Hunter last night and I didn't know it was her birthday today! I should have rushed the stage with flowers, chocolates, little mylar balloons confessing my undying devotion. She might have karate chopped me as I approached, but how would that not have been worth it?

I went to a reading she did along with John Cameron Mitchell - they read two Flannery O'Connor stories, and it was a phenomenal experience. Phenomenal. Can you imagine a woman's voice more perfectly suited to voicing the grandmother from "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"? No you cannot because there isn't one that exists on the face of this entire planet better suited. They're actually doing a second night on Sunday, I'm not sure if there are still tickets but if there are and you can, go. It was great. Happy birthday, Holly! I cannot wait to see you in David Gordon Green's next movie!


TheWaytothePalace said...

I loved that film so much! She is so good! There is a look that she gives in the elevator scene that I had to rewind and watch again because it was too much awesome not too.

If I was the kind of person who knew ow to make gifs I'd be all over that.

And I actually hate you and everyone who gets a chance to see her read O'Connor. That short story is probably in my top 3 of short fiction.

WJ said...

I have never seen this movie. I knew of it but never watched it. And I LOVE Holly Hunter...strange. One of my alltime faves is Miss firecracker. It'so funny and she's so great in it. A little gem of a film. Maybe I should watch Living out loud now. But I remember Jack from Will & Grace making a joke about it. The thing that puts me off is that it sounds like such an Oprahs book club title (And I also LOVE Oprah but still...). The title tries to hard. A little too 'Eat pray love' for me. But maybe I'm wrong

Jim Steele said...

What a gem of a picture. Queen Latifa, Holly Hunter, Danny Divito are all at the top of their game. One of my favorites.

Jee Jay said...

And let's not forget the scene where Eddie Cibrian, dressed only in boxer briefs, gives Holly Hunter a massage -- happy ending included.