Monday, March 10, 2014

Bad Morning, World

I don't think I've ever seen an actor express better the precise sort of confusion and lingering exhaustion that's a staple of my own waking up every morning than Jon Hamm is getting across right there. Bravo, sir. Mornings suck. 

Today's The Hammaconda's 43rd birthday - weird thing is, I don't watch Mad Men regularly (I know, I know - I get enough scoffing about that fact at home I don't need it from you people!) but just this morning I woke up from a Mad Men slash Masters of Sex nightmare - the characters from the two shows were all mixed up, but it was if David Lynch had directed the episode, and I was startled awake by one of the single scariest images I can ever remember having in a nightmare. So that's where my head is at this morning. I blame Jon Hamm. Jon, the only remedy is pictures of you walking to and from the store in your usual commando state. I demand it!

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