Friday, February 28, 2014

Quote of the Day

"We have scouted so many dark and disturbing locations, researched enough macabre story-lines for a lifetime's worth of nightmares, as well as pushed the envelope of television horror. We've had tapestries and totem poles of dismembered bodies, monsters and cannibals, killer pigs and dinosaurs. However, the creepiest place by far is inside Bryan's Fuller head. We're all his prisoners!"

--- That's Hannibal's astonishingly talented production designer Matthew Davies when asked what the creepiest assignment he's gotten on the show is in a really fine interview over here. (thanks Mac) I did mention that the show's back on NBC tonight at 10, right? Can we all please be good boys and good girls and watch it so there's a show to keep watching? Please and thank you! (pic via)

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