Monday, February 17, 2014

Quote of the Day

"I would have loved to do Fish Tank. But Fassbender's obviously fucking Fassbender, so you know I've not really got problems with that, but I could have done it. You know, [Andrea Arnold] got a young Fassbender though, a Fassbender who was hungry, and not where he is now."

That's Danny Dyer lamenting the fact that Andrea Arnold didn't use him again after he co-starred in her really very brilliant short film Wasp, which kick-started her career when it won an Oscar, and instead went with that ginger chap Fassbender something. The Telegraph rather tongue-in-cheekily gathered up a bunch of quotes from Danny via the career retrospective book The Films of Danny Dyer, and they're all pretty golden, in semi-insane ways. He plops himself down against Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy another time when he speaks about doing a project for money that was supposedly beneath him:

"In a way it was a sell-out. I gave away 'me'. Tom Hardy isn't going to do that, Fassbender isn't going to do that."

Oh Danny, no. Delusional moments aside there's some funny shit in there too, and we always like looking at Danny. In that vein he's on EastEnders these days and seems to have taken his clothes off a couple times on it, so let's set aside his words and just hit the jump to climb into bed with his adorable furriness instead...

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