Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jake Has Figured Out What Too Much Is

Okay Jake listen: I hate to shave too, absolutely loathe it, and sometimes I let my beard get a little out of control - the past couple of weeks with my arm all slung up, for example! I haven't shaved since I hurt my arm and it's getting a little bit weedy here. I get it. You're in Rome, you're relaxing, you want to be left the hell alone and what better way than looking like Nick Nolte at the start of Down and Out in Beverly Hills? All that recent traumatic weight loss for that movie's left you a little extra rough looking though, so I hope you're at least actually getting some rest over there in Italy - and hey if you wanna hang out there for a couple more weeks, I'll meet you there! I'll bring the shampoo and the de-licer, we'll make a whole day of it.


sissyinhwd said...

He looks gross. Saw him at the HWD Farmers Market once and he was not attractive in person. BIG HEAD.

AG said...

Even without the homeless look I never found Jake THAT attractive.

Maybe it's that Brokeback Mountain craze but look at his sister and him - not the most genetically blessed siblings in Hollywood are they?

Sorry if that's mean - his body especially that ass in Love & Other Drugs was AMAZING though.

Anonymous said...

It's for a role in a movie you idiots.