Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Am Link

--- Get Snookered - Eight days til Hannibal is back! Bryan Fuller gave an interview to E! that's gotten some headlines the past couple of days where he renewed the drool-worthy idea of making a Pushing Daisies musical that would focus on Kristin Chenoweth's character Olive Snook. Yes yes yes, make this happen, yes. As for Hannibal he talks the possibilities of certain Daisies actors (Cheno included) showing up in the cannibal's kitchen.

--- Deuce Up -Danny Boyle is going to make a movie about the infamous 1973 "battle of the sexes" tennis match that had Billie Jean King facing off with a super douche-bag - I think there was a special about this match on PBS recently (I watched a bunch of it whatever channel it was on) and it's amazing what a dickbag this dude was. Anyway these'll be a couple of killers parts for actors to play.

--- Force Strong - Jack Reynor must have some extra special behind-the-scenes skills (wink wink nudge nudge) because goddamn he's getting cast in everything without anybody outside of "behind the scenes" having a clue about him - he's already starring in the new Transformers opposite Mark Wahlberg as well as a drug movie with Toni Collette (guess which one's more important) and now comes word that he's gotten a role in JJ Abrams Star Wars movie, although nobody out of Vader-ville is confirming or denying anything casting-wise on anybody yet.

--- Major Props - Leave it to Michael Musto to get some fun dishy dirt from an anonymous Oscar voter on what's driving their personal ballot and the ballots of their friends - I like a lot of what this man/woman has to say, from the dissing of Wolf of Wall Street and the over-praise of Matthew McConaughey on down.
--- The Lovely Lupita - Over at The Film Experience Nat got to chat with 12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o about making the movie and working with Michael Fassbender (and damn I wish there was audio of that bit because it sounds as if she does a bit of an impression while doing so), and basically she just keeps on being her charming self. Y'all know I love Jennifer Lawrence but it will be a crime if she steals Lupita's statue on Oscar night.

--- Monster Bay - I hadn't been paying attention to where the new Godzilla movie had been filmed I guess, so the new poster showing that the giant lizard will be stomping up San Francisco kinda surprised me, in a good way. (And now I'm imagining a crossover with Looking, involving Aaron Johnson and rim-jobs, and I am very happy indeed.)

--- Ghost Busta - Sexy beast James Badge Dale (here he is simultaneously slapping Michael Fassbender's ass and winning my heart) is going to star in a movie called Spectral, described as "a supernatural Black Hawk Down" (yes, someone described something that way) about a black-ops team fighting ghouls that've infiltrated New York City. This sounds an awful lot like that Eric Bana/Joel McHale/Edgar Ramirez movie about cops and priests fighting demons in New York City. But there's plenty of rumor for all of these movies, as long as they all star hot pieces of ass, I say.

--- Give Me Beauty - The Playlist chats with Italian Best Foreign Film nominee The Great Beauty's director Paolo Sorrentino about his influences and music choices and whether he'd like to make a movie in Hollywood - he has an emphatic yes for the latter, and says making a noir would be a hoot. You may recall that I totally adored The Great Beauty - here's my review.


iggy said...

re: the secret voter dissing Jackman.
Last year he was awarded the lifetime achievement at the San Sebastián Film Festival (too a big honor I think, when compared to previous winners) and the ceremony had to be changed to a more suitable time because he had to leave... Everyone else before him from an octogearian Bette Davis, to Streep or alleged diva Roberts adapted their timetables. What more important dates can a movie star have? More important than lifetime honors or Academy Awards ass licking? Filming Wolverine?

Anonymous said...

Some of the stuff that anonymous voter said was just idiotic.