Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Morning, Groff

So what are you thinking of Looking? That is, if you're still watching it (or ever started, for that matter)... although I think its ratings have been getting better as the season's progressed right? How many episodes are left, two? I hope it gets a second season, I really like the show, even though I'm trolling for Agustín's demise I do get his purpose narratively. I don't think I like the actor though? It's not as simple as his character being a gross jerk (or as Anthony put it to me perfectly on Twitter - "He is a garbage heap.") that much I'm sure of.


Roark said...

I really like Looking. I hope it gets a second season too. The last two episodes have been really strong. I feel like the show's deliberate pace and approach is really starting to pay off. Plus, Jonathan Groff naked!

The Bloody Munchkin said...

It took me til that fourth episode, when they are walking around my favorite city just talking like they part of a lost Before Sunrise set piece, that I really got into it. (I'm not caught up yet).

I agree with you that Augustin is the steamy pile of non-interesting in between the crunchy awesomeness that are the other two characters.

Where's the other show that this show actually wants to be but isn't? You know, the show with Scott Bakula as the hot silver-fox piece of ass and also starring Augustin's hot boyfriend who's way more interesting than him, with Patty and that hot bearded bartender adding in colorful dialog? That's what the show needs to be about.

Why are the side characters always more compelling to me?

Anonymous said...

I like how this show defies traditional storytelling: there is no beginning, middle, and end in a single episode. It simply feels like we're dropping in on these people's lives, and the only thing that disappoints me is that the episodes are so short. I truly hope it gets renewed.

And if I wasn't sold before, seeing Groff naked last night would've sealed it for me!

iggy said...

Not sold on it. Even though last week episode was a big improvement over the previous ones (the pilot and Looking for the Future belong to two completely different series), I still think the show is too infatuated with its main characters to explore other more interesting ones. And that's a lesson Girls learnt from the beginning (see Adam vs Marnie). Sorry, I just love Girls and it has become my standard to measure quality.

That said, thanks for the gif.

George G said...

My problem with "Looking" is the same problem I had with "Weekend," the movie that must've gotten director Haigh the job: I don't like or care about the main characters. I don't hate them, I'm just severely underwhelmed. It might be something Haigh does purposefully, but Augustine is exactly the same kind of meh character for me.

Rob91316 said...

"Looking" is possibly my new fave show. Every one of the characters is a reflection of me at some point in my life -- except for the Scott Bakula character, cuz I'm not THAT old yet! All the haters can suck it. Season 2 -- BRING IT ON!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm slowly liking "Looking" and see it as "Queer As Folk" for intelligent homos.

I liked this comment by The Bloody Munchkin "Why are the side characters always more compelling to me?" ... because I think those characters are an intense bridge between the other scenes.

I almost had butterflies watching episode 5 and I hope the writers don't fall off a cliche cliff and have Patrick start fooling around with his boss. That would be a sure fire way to alienate a significant amount of the audience because all sympathy would be with Richie who himself wouldn't be true to character if he continued to have anything to do with Patrick.

I'll keep watching ... for now.