Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Fight Club Coffee Klatsch

Since we're already in the habit of pitting poor directors against their sexy movie stars this week, let's take the opportunity offered up by that there super swank behind-the-scenes Fight Club picture (via) which I've never seen before of everybody clutching their junk  to have director David Fincher face off against the stars of his 1999 cult movie. That'd be Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, obviously. I've always found Fincher to be pretty sexy as far as movie directors go so I'd say he stands a chance, maybe. So hit the comments and Do Dump or Marry them - go.


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Do Fincher, I mean he seems easy enough on the eyes
Dump Norton, he's never done it for me in any capacity.

And Obviously marry Brad Pitt, especially in his Tyler Durden finest, because yum

WJ said...

I'd do David Fincher...But that's only because of the beard. I'd dump the other 2 and marry myself

Anonymous said...

None of them - You always have to keep in mind Norton fucked Courtney Love. ugh

Anonymous said...

Do Fincher and Pitt at same time and Norton can watch.


AG said...

Do & Marry Brad.

Dump the other two.

Joey said...


Heather said...

I'm with The Bloody Munchkin:
Do Fincher
Dump Norton
Marry Pitt (forever and ever and ever)

Nikhat said...

I've always found Fincher super sexy, so do Fincher.
Marry Norton, 'cuz he's adorbs.
Dump Pitt 'cuz he belongs with Angelina and the kids.