Friday, February 07, 2014

Behind The Scenes With Kick Ass

Do note that I managed to get two words into this post's title highlighting Aaron Johnson's best feature. That's talent, yo. Why else would I even keep talking about these movies though? No matter how shite they may've been (and I might be the only person in the world who liked the second one much more than the first one) they have given the world something of consequence.

So looking back thru the archives I have already posted pictures from when they were shooting Kick-Ass 2 (see here and see here), I have already looked at pictures from when they released trailers for the movie (see here and see here), and then they released a couple behind-the-scenes videos which I already dutifully capped (see here and see here). I haven't capped the movie itself since it hit blu-ray because that would take me days upon days, Aaron Johnson is in that costume a whole lot in the movie, thank goodness. They would be happy days, spent capping that, but we should all just watch the movie. Watch it with the fast-forward button, whatever. You know how to live your life.

Since the movie's out on blu-ray now though there's apparently a previously unseen behind-the-scenes video on the disc, and as you can see - new stuff!!! Thanks to this site for the images; y'all go ahead and hit the jump for a totally worthwhile assortment. Aaron, assume the position!


Sean Dorsey said...

Amazing Ass! Especially when the costume is belted it looks so sexy!

Magnus said...

Hope he gets an equally...ahem, form-fitting costume in Avengers 2.

Anonymous said...

Kick Ass' ass is kick ass!