Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Six Sexy Fellas & One Great Greta Gerwig

W Magazine's got a gallery of folks they say gave the great performances of the year, and it's hard to dispute a lot of them, especially since there are so many they get to everybody. But speaking of hard.

Ha I loooooove that picture of Ben Foster. Anyway there are some very attractive gentlemen up in there. I've included my favorites here, but click over for more. 

You might notice that I'm not including the pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth, or Matthew McConaughey here as "favorites" - their pictures actually make for a great case study in what I've been saying about them all losing too much weight for roles. They look like drowned rats.

But all of these guys look terrific! 
And then there's The Queen of My Everything...



Professor Chaos said...

I had never heard of Gret gerwig until I stumbled onto Frances Ha. Holy Gawd, she's amazing!

MrJeffery said...

Greta killing it.

Roark said...

You chose wisely. Hemsworth looks fine to me, just slimmed down. Jake, on the other hand, looks like a heroin addict. Gross.