Friday, January 24, 2014

I Am Link

--- Get Hooked - I mixed things up yesterday when I reported the news that Garett Hedlund was going to star in Joe Wright's Peter Pan movie - Garrett is not playing Peter Pan, he is playing Captain Hook. When I read "lead role" I guess I just figured, and got my figures mixed up. Oh well this lets me post another sexy picture of Garrett, so I shouldf mess these things up more often. Also we now have full confirmation that Hugh Jackman is playing Blackbeard, so I guess this movie is going to be positively overflowing with sexy pirate action.

--- Kneel Down - Olivia Williams is making a horror movie! Two of my favorite things. She will co-star with Matthew Modine (raise your hand if you've thought of Matthew Modine in ten years) in Altar, the tale of a couple who move into a house previously owned by a murderer and his wife's ghost. Something tells me that no good can come of such a thing. Is there any occupation more demonized in the movies than the ones in real estate though? They are always up to no good.

--- Emile Takes NY - The pair who made American Splendor are next making Ten Thousand Saints, which just gained a lead in Emile Hirsch. I've got Emile on the brain after that furry naked start to this week so the news that this is filming here in New York makes me happy. Maybe his furry nakedness will cross my path. He's got a habit of whipping it out in public, after all.

--- Plant Violence - Mike Newell, director of the second best Harry Potter movie and that really brown movie that starred Jake Gyllenhaal's abs, is next going to turn John Wyndham's classic sci-fi book The Day of the Triffids into a movie. Sam Raimi is producing it - when we'd last heard about this project we thought that Raimi was directing, but guess not. Sadness. I generally like Newell though, even if The Prince of Persia was a poo-stain. And this book is dying for a great movie.

--- Criss Cross - Robert Zemeckis' next movie will be a fictionalization of the true story told in the documentary Man On Wire about that dude who walked on a you guessed it wire from one World Trade Center tower to the other back in the 70s, and Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to star as said dude. Wasn't he French? Is Joe doing an accent? Will they Americanize him?

--- Her Name Is Veronica - Yesterday I linked over to the introduction to 2014's "We Can't Wait!" series at The Film Experience while simultaneously admitting that I missed out on voting, and here we are with the first entry that everybody but me voted on about looking forward to, sigh. I totally agree with this selection though!


will h said...

"Mike Newell, director of the second best Harry Potter movie ..."

When was the last time you watched it, 'cause ...

Jason Adams said...

Alright granted I haven't watched any HP movies all the way through since the first time in the theater but I LOVE Goblet of Fire, it was my fave book and I thought he did a great job... from what I remember. Come on, Hermione in her dress! That's one of my favorite moments from the entire series.

will h said...

I used to think I liked it too, but I rewatched the movie last year and was so disappointed. All the actors (except for maybe Watson) are at their most awkward stage of life and look absolutely miserable the whole time. It's kind of uncomfortable to watch. That's not all Newell's fault, but I was so sad while I was rewatching it.