Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Am Link

--- Farewell Spaghetti - By now you've probably read that Quentin Tarantino has abandoned his only recently announced plans to make The Hateful Eight his next movie - another Western with Christoph Waltz - because somebody and he doesn't know who but he's definitely pointing fingers leaked the script onto the internet. Honestly I'm with Nathaniel on this one, I think we dodged a bullet. When this project was first announced I expressed exhaustion at the idea of what sounded broadly like the same movie QT's been making for the past few years - I really hope this tosses him off towards making something unexpected and weird next. 

--- Troubled Waters - Daniel Radcliffe is making a movie about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge called funnily enough Brooklyn Bridge; he's playing a designer in a tail-spin following the death of his father. The thing grabbing my attention here is that I think they're saying Gwyneth Paltrow is playing his wife? Um isn't she liked twice his age? Old pervert.

--- Pine Away - Patrick Wilson's new movie Stretch, from The A-Team and The Grey director Joe Carnahan, was supposed to come out in March but the studio has apparently dropped the film into nowheresville. Something about they don't want to spend all the money they'd have to spend on advertising the thing, they don't have faith it could make its money back. It co-stars Chris Pine so I wonder if the massive bombing of the Jack Ryan movie has something to do with it?

--- Blunder Land - Set your meters to insufferable mugging times a million - Sasha Baron Cohen is maybe going to co-star opposite Johnny Depp in the Alice in Wonderland sequel. And I say that as someone who generally likes SBC; I just foresee this project bringing out his worst instincts. And by "this project" I mean "Johnny Depp" because he poisons everything he touches these days.

--- Industrial Girl - David Fincher is headed back to the Nine Inch Nails well for his adaptation of Gillian Flynn's book Gone Girl - Trent Reznor, Oscar winner (that is so weird!), announced on Twitter that he will be scoring the movie with his partner-in-moog Atticus Ross. I want to be excited about this movie but Ben Affleck, yuck.

--- Second Best - I don't know why I found the geeky math applied to this problem entertaining but check out the chances of a tie happening at the Oscars this year in the Best Picture race over at THR. They are slim.

--- Extra Log - David Lynch has confirmed that there will be something we've "never seen before" on the upcoming Twin Peaks blu-ray, but it's not clear if he means something he shot new, as was rumored, or if he's just talking about deleted scenes and what-not that were never released before.

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