Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Morning, World

I knew, or at least I hoped, as soon as I saw the subway posters for the new Fox military comedy Enlisted that it might turn out to be a buffet of beefcake given the fact that its stars - Geoff Stults, Parker Young and Chris Lowell - haven't exactly been shy in the past. Sure enough just a few episodes in and they've gotten the boys disrobed a few times, up to and including the shot seen above with Stults and Young seen cozying up in the shower stall. I believe they're playing brothers? Just put a check-mark next to all the kinds of dirty business, show. 

Anyway once I started I got on a Geoff Stults kick, realizing I'd never posted any pictures of him before even though his job seems to consist of bouncing from show to show just long enough to take his top off, so if you hit the jump you'll see multiple examples of this.


AG said...

Parker Young is so so sexy! Love his gratuitous scenes in Suburgatory.

Mr Adams do you know where this scene is from? I've searched a lot and can't find it. Please help.



Jason Adams said...

I'm not a JUB member so those links don't work for me, Sean

AG said...

Sorry about that. Do these work?


Jason Adams said...

Those links work, thanks Sean. I have no idea though. I did some searching around but nothing's coming up.

forever1267 said...

Thank you.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I can't think of anything else to say, just:

thank you.

Rhiordan said...

I believe the Chippendale-type caps are from "Killer Reality."


I'm uncertain as I've only skimmed it, but that's my best bet.