Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Morning, World

I feel as if I should do a "Who Wore It Best" with a side-by-side of that picture of Derek Theler and a picture of my grandmother. No, my grandmother doesn't have those arms (unfortunately). But Derek has the exact same hair-do that my grandmother's been sporting for about forty years now. Same coloring, everything. I hope that in such a case you guys would definitely vote for my grandmother and not leave a poor old woman sitting out in the rain, but I don't know, I probably would vote for Derek myself. Sorry, Grandma! Maybe if you went to the gym once in awhile, had abs like his, we could talk.


Deets said...

I watch Baby Daddy specifically to enjoy the masculine beauty that is Derek Theler and not once have I confused him with anyone's nana.

Joey said...

Holy. Shit. I'm surprised they allowed something to buff and studly on ABC Family.

AG said...

He is such a big hunk of a man!

He should be featured in a lot more sexy gratuitous scenes than just being shirtless!

Btw that is a pretty standard male hairstyle don't you think or am I missing the joke here? Anyway he looks hot in it :)

par3182 said...

i wish he'd leave that dreadful show and appear in something i'd want to gay porn