Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fran Kranz Three Times


I really love that jacket. Anyway if I were a little more patient we could have a post right now appreciating what I want to be appreciating in Fran Kranz World - namely the shot of him shirtless in the trailer for his new movie Lust For Love. The trailer's bound to show up on YouTube soon, but right now the only place I can find it is over at EW and they don't let you embed it anywhere else, much less download it for the appropriate enlarging and giffing activities I must make sense of it with. Here's the best I can do:

This is obviously not good enough! 
Not when we know all what Fran's working with. Closer...

... but no cigar. 

Similarly there's a shot of him and Enver Gjokaj slamming their heads together that was meant for me like the air I breathe...

... but I cannot gif it yet either. This is a corrupt system, and we need to revolt. Tear it down!!! Anyway once the trailer's on YouTube I'll do all that - for now you should head to this post I did about Lust For Love back in June where I giffed the movie's Kickstarter vid, which included some manner of Fran gratuity as well.

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