Friday, January 24, 2014

1 Goes Up

I don't think it was the questionable pizza that I ate while watching +1 (I really hate typing that title) but I actually found myself feeling a little bit queasy from what I think was the movie, and in a good way. Dennis Iliadis' follow-up to the also surprisingly effective Last House on the Left remake is, well surprisingly effective in evoking an unsettling sensation in your gut that something's just not right. It's sort of Timecrimes times Primer divided by every high school party movie made ever, and like those two titles mentioned it really does manage to vibe on a really bizarre wavelength. In the problematic corner I don't know if it's that I only know leading man Rhys Wakefield via his rich creep character in The Purge but it's nigh impossible to find him likeable on-screen and you sort of get the feeling that +1 actually wants us to find him likeable. Which just doesn't happen, and becomes sort of a question mark in its last act. That said I found the movie effectively unsettling... if it wasn't just that questionable pizza talking.


Bill Carter said...

You might like Rhys Wakefield a little more of you watch A Man Walks Into A Bar, a 6-minute short that was a Tropfest Australia 2013 Finalist.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the movie but like you, I did not like the lead. Both as a character and looks. It was a ver y nice surprise overall as a movie. I am not into horror movies so I wasn't sure if I'd watch it at first but it wasn't a horror. It was rather smart.


Audrey said...

Can't Hardly Wait 2: Invasion of the Party Snatchers

Anonymous said...

i thought this movie was cheap and stupid. sometimes i need a little info dumping so i'm not left wondering what the hell is going on