Friday, December 20, 2013

Where The Tree Tops Glisten... With Gore!

Have a happy holiday or whatever, y'all! I'm off til after New Years. If you wake up one day between now and then and need to know what to do and I'm not there to tell you, just go watch Black Christmas (the original one) or Silent Night Deadly Night or Gremlins (the first one or the sequel, they'll both do). That'll get you by. Bye!


Ross said...

I'll be doing Black Christmas this year. I just picked up the new blu-ray release from Capelight Pictures in Germany. It's region free and the quality is a significant upgrade (although still not as good as it could be with some restoration, I think).

Heather said...

Hope your holidays are filled with laughter and joy, Jason!

Henry said...

Happy holidays! And good lord I can barely handle the weekend now I gotta wait for 2014 for new MNPP