Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Perfect Jesse

As I said a little bit earlier, our boyfriend Jesse Bradford's 2010 movie Perfect Life is up entirely on YouTube. I just skimmed through it looking for his shirtless scenes to cap, and lemme tell you what - watching it without sound and fast-forwarding it around I never would have been able to tell you that it's about what IMDb says it's about, which is "about college students that experience horrifying visions from the past while undergoing a fraternity initiation." I mean I did think it was pretty weird when they were all suddenly dressed like they were remaking an extra gay Amadeus out of nowhere...

... but I figured it was a costume party. So let it be known, kids - watching a movie without the sound on and skipping around for the shirtless parts? It's not the best way to watch a movie. Well if the movie sucks maybe it is. Whatever. Did I mention Jesse Bradford was shirtless? He is shirtless a lot. And even momentarily from a great distance much more than shirtless. Hit the jump for all of it!

That last shot there is of his towel being torn off - I zoomed in as best I could, it happens from a distance. But there's definitely full Jesse going on there.

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Lucksaw said...

Love me some Jesse Bradford, but I'm surprised beyond words that there's no wonderfuls GIFs of him in Hackers, when he's dragged out of a concert in the shower and he lets us see his amazing, twinky bum :D