Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Am Link

--- Endless Ha - I was going to post a "Quote of the Day" from this essay on Frances Ha from the playwright Annie Baker that's both published at Slate today as well as being inside the booklet for the Criterion DVD that's out in stores today - It's finally out today! Everybody go buy it! - but I'd really just want to quote the entire thing from start to finish, it's a marvelous essay on the film, capturing so much of what's, dare I say it, magical about the movie. (Here's my original review. You should multiply the instant affection I had for the movie by ten thousand by now.)

--- Ha Ha Heat - Also out on disc today is The Heat, which I thought was pretty funny (although not terribly memorable to be honest) - in celebration Amir has written up a love letter to Melissa McCarthy's performance over at The Film Experience today.

--- Super Meloni - In case you were curious about what Christopher Meloni thought about the ending of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, here's an interview with him at Rolling Stone. Spoiler alert- he doesn't give a shit. (Thanks Mac)
--- Long Time Leo - Love this piece by Andrew at The Film Experience on Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in Revolutionary Road - I really liked that movie, and both actors therein; I know a lot of people didn't, so it's nice to hear a defense of it. I thought about writing something about Leo yesterday for his birthday but got seriously sidetracked. Happy belated, Leo!
--- Insert Here - Don't worry yourself, the studio's not shopping around a G-rated version of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac that's got all the hardcore penetration covered up with cartoon teddy bears.
--- Under Oohs - I keep clicking on links that say this movie Crawlspace is being made (and produced by Insidious' James Wan) because I keep thinking this is the time they'll tell me it's a remake of the Klaus Kinski movie. But it's not. Still their vague description of the plot is interesting - there's a lot of alluding to it being twisty.

--- Cake Boy - Jason Statham has acquired the rights to the book sequel to Layer Cake, which was a movie starring Daniel Craig of course. It's called Viva La Madness and yadda yadda crime capers and tough guys and so many muscles.

--- Leading Man - Hopefully this only marks the beginning of the dumb-dumbs in Hollywood giving Idris Elba leading roles - he's signed up to make Bastille Day, a thriller about a US operative and a young boy and terrorism and yadda yadda so many muscles.

--- Pre Pan - The director Joe Wright, whose coming off two movies I loved (Hanna and Anna Karenina), is making an origin story for Peter Pan next, probably. So basically the opposite of Hook... or at least we should all hope that it's the opposite of Hook.

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