Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Good Morning, Gratuitous Peter Facinelli

It's a shame that the quality of that gif sucks so bad - indeed I kind of wish the whole movie were on YouTube or something, because who doesn't want to watch a TV movie from 1995 about Peter Facinelli falling into the seedy world of male prostitution? 

Oh my god I love that pair of shots so much, it's hysterical. Naturally "the seedy world of male prostitution" in a 1995 TV movie looks like a Calvin Klein underwear ad. That could practically be Marcus Schenkenberg standing there. 

Anyway I hope Peter has a very nice birthday. I don't really follow his career or anything, but I'll always be thankful for his bare ass in Supernova, so he has a lifetime of birthday wishes coming to him.

Actually you know what, right before posting this I just did a quick check and I actually have several (dozen) worthwhile pictures of Mr. Facinelli that I've never posted before. Much to my surprise, I appear to have only really posted the shots from Supernova before. When there's much more to be had!

(Did anybody else watch Fastlane? I totally liked Fastlane.) So since he turns forty today - yeah, he's forty, can you believe it - let's go ahead and gratuitize him proper-like. Hit the jump for over eighty more pictures...


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Ah yes, the naked in the forest with boots on scene from Foxfire, how I know you well. I was just about to ask if you'd ever gratitoutized that scene in Foxfire, and there were snaps. Although it would be worth giffing, just for his little smiles as he's facing the camera. Good times. Good times.

FDot said...

I just came across my VHS copy of "The Price of Love" that I recorded from its original airing. Shockingly, it's still in decent shape. Time to rewatch.

Diana Maurer said...

I got price of love on eBay it is posted there often. I have seen all of the stuff you posted. Love the show fastlane and the butt shot in honest.