Monday, October 07, 2013

Fassbulger Part II

(click to embiggen) Actually if I were accurately numbering all of the time I've glared at Michael Fassbender's crotch we'd be into the googolplexians (there's your word for the day), but since I've only previously used the term "Fassbulger" as a post's title once, when we took note of a particularly striking moment in X-Men Muppet Babies, we'll just go with "Part II" and keep us all from going insane contemplating infinity. Anyway take that in, people. Take it all in. (That's what I said.) And see it in motion over here. This post is timely, to me, after seeing 12 Years a Slave today, in which Michael's once again been left to roam free and unencumbered in a pair of period appropriate trousers.


Unknown said...

Ha ha. I know someone who had a hard time watching one of the really violent scenes. So she focused on Fassbender's bulge, which was apparently conveniently visible in the same frame.

Can't wait for your full review!

Simone said...

So ya'll saw the baby arm during that one scene too? Intense eh? Method actor, even Fassbender Jr. was in a rage!

Just love this guy! xoxo