Thursday, October 17, 2013

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Red River (1948)

Cherry Valance: You're fast with that gun, Matt. Awful fast. 
But your heart's soft. Too soft. Might get you hurt some day. 
Matt Garth: Could be. I wouldn't count on it. 

This post is technically in honor of Montgomery Clift having been born on this day ninety-three years ago, and we always love an opportunity to reflect upon the ridiculously phallusized gunplay in Red River, we really do, but I'm so distracted by that name right now - Cherry Valance! That is the drag queeniest name to ever drag queen, my lord. Anyway, Monty swoon.


Anonymous said...

John Ireland brought a lot of homoerotic qualities to some of his performances. He wasn't the most traditionally handsome man but he had a certain look and quality that was very appealing, at least to me (and Joan Crawford). Plus I read he had a huge cock.

gregory brown said...

I'm amazed that people so much want to any ANY queer subtext to this scene or any part of what is a very strange movie. See comments on IMDB.