Friday, September 27, 2013

Quote of the Day

"I would love for this to be as canon as possible, given the departures that we make. But if we don’t get the rights to the Clarice Starling character, we will introduce a similar character, Shmarlice Shmarling, that won’t get us sued."

-- That's Bryan Fuller in an interview at Crave talking about how they don't have the rights (yet...) to bring Clarice onto Hannibal any time soon. He goes on to say they have a couple of seasons of dallying with Will & Co. before they really need to worry about bringing Lamb Girl in, though. 

But speaking of Hannibal, y'all did run out and buy the DVDs this week, right? I'm talking to those of us who are good people and have already seen the show as well as those of you who are awful people and not watched it yet. I am talking to all of us. Shmarlice Shmarling, and everybody else. Go buy them, watch them, and fall in love with the show so we can make it mammoth in its second year! I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

DVD?! A true fan like myself bought the Blu-ray, even though I watched the show when it aired. I wish it continued success because I love it. As well as Hugh Dancy.

Jason Adams said...

I just always say "DVD" - I hate saying "blu-rays." DVD is my catch-all. Also, I am an old person.

Bill Carter said...

Any idea when the Betamax version will be released?

(When I'm discussing music, I still talk about "albums". Is there an appropriate word?

Fanboy Realness said...

Bryan Fuller does it again. I'm hopeful if NBC ditches "Hannibal", he is able to shop it to other networks. It would be great to introduce Clarice, but frankly, Hugh Dancy's performance is so great, it has me saying "Clarice who?" a lot of the time.

Also, Bill, album or record is always appropriate.