Monday, September 16, 2013

Now You See Me in 160 Words or Less

Dreck, but somehow relentlessly watchable dreck. Magic movies always leave me at sleeve's length - you know they've got one to a dozen sleights of hand on them and so the consequences never feel too consequential. Characters who die always seem to have a doppelganger or mirror image waiting around every corner, popping rabbit like out - boo, don't you feel tricked, et cetera. Double and triple crosses just cross each other out, and the bottom drops out to reveal seventeen new bottoms - it's all one long series of colored scarves tied together, snaking into infinity. Now You See Me livens things by giving us a bunch of likeable actors doing the snaking, and they're all having some fun, but sans any distinct characters to play (Isla Fisher... likes gloves!) you're just watching them shuffle around the light show, shuck and jiving jazz hands and parlor tricks as the puzzle pieces snap dutifully into place.

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MrJeffery said...

i hated the relentless wink-wink of it, the cheesy way it looked and because, like you said, the characters weren't distinct, i didn't really care about any of it.