Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Ryan Phillippe & Breckin Meyer's 54 Kiss!

We all owe the anonymous commentor on this old post of mine an enormous, enormous debt of gratitude for digging this up and letting us know about it over the weekend - somebody's posted the deleted scene from the 1998 film 54 where Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyer kiss on YouTube! Granted it's really lousy quality, but it's more than the big fat nothing we had before except for that picture up top, which only hinted at its possible greatness. Behold!

Alright so I was led to believe there was more to it, but perhaps its legend over the years had just been built up. Now they just need to release the Director's Cut already. Free money, people! Releasing that would be free money. Not to mention a humanitarian service.


Joey said...

This would have been integral to my coming of age had this have been included.

Adam said...

God damn you, Harvey Weinstein. GOD. DAMN. YOU.

Anonymous said...

So happy you posted this.


iggy said...

Lousy quality is a big understatement. Saw the gif and thought it was an effect you had added to the picture to make it lighter... It's welcome anyway, makes it look an all forbidden, hidden treasure.

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