Thursday, September 05, 2013

Everything, Everything, This Is Everything

(via) Pic of the day, pic of the week, pic of the millennium! When we heard the other week that Gina Gershon was going to play Donataella "Versayce" Versace in a Lifetime bio-pic of her brother Gianni we were over the moon with excitement, and now that excitement's born fruit - luscious ripe lips of fruity fruitiness. For there is the first picture of her in character, and it is everything. Everything! It has made this Thursday a glorious day from the start. I could get punched in the face a hundred time this afternoon by a deranged Chloe Moretz fan and I would still lay down to bed tonight and think to myself, "Yeah, I got punched in the face a hundred times this afternoon by a deranged Chloe Moretz fan, but this was a wonderful day, and I owe it all to that picture of Gina Gershon in Donatella drag, which is everything - evertyhing!"

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Sorry to be off topic, not sure if you may have seen this yet: Darius Khondji was the DP and Anne Fontaine(Adore) was directed it. Behind the scenes stuff here: Here: And Here: