Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bad Milo in 150 Words or Less

It all depends on you. How do you react when you read that this is a movie about Ken Marino birthing a butt-demon that coos like Gizmo with big cow eyes and a penchant for slurping human flesh? Does that appeal to you? Because if it does, then this is the movie for you! I don't think any of you will be surprised to hear that that's something that would appeal to me, anyway. And so it did, appeal. It puts the "hoot" in homicidal butt-demon hootenanny! Everybody involved knows what they're making - think if Lloyd Kaufman had directed The Brood - and so tonally, it just about nails the tone of a movie about a homicidal butt demon. Do you know what that tone ought to be? Like I said, it all depends on you.

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Chumas said...

A while back some homophobic writer who I won't even dignify by naming wrote a story about a guy who gets raped by a demon and then get's impregnated with a "sodomy baby" which apparently is one of the worst punishments a demon can impart on a human.