Friday, August 30, 2013

Michiel's Our New Daario

Just two days ago I was just scanning through the enormous gratuitous post I did for the gorgeous Dutch actor Michiel Huisman back in March, just cuz, and today comes word that he's going to be on A Game of Thrones! I did it, I did, my lusting after him did it, you all owe me a beer. He's been hired to replace Ed Skrein (click here) as the warrior Daario Noharis, who was last seen romancing Khaleesi with a bag of decapitated heads, swoon.

No word on why Skrein's been replaced and no offense meant to him but Huisman is a total improvement, so I'm good. Apparently the news got leaked by Huisman's trainer, who posted a picture of him on Instagram saying, "1 more week w/ Michiel Huisman getting him ready to kick ass on Game of Thrones. Proud of this guy’s dedication; huge transformation from his Tremé days." That picture has been deleted off of Instagram, probably cuz a personal trainer wasn't really the person who should be making such gigantic announcements; thankfully nothing's ever really gone off of the internet though...

Oh he'd better get all kinds of naked. As that big gratuitous post of mine proved he's already shown that he's the exact opposite of shy in everything he's done...

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Anonymous said...

That makes me very sad. Thank god we have Jaime Lannister to fall back onto!