Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Suddenly Realized...

... that this gif needed to be on my blog immediately, and so there it is. Complusion: met. In fact I made two more from this scene in Shame, which you can see after the jump. Also the video, because why not. Hit it, and then hit it again, just as you'd do with the real Michael Fassbender.



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Anonymous said...

If they could make a sequel to this, less desolate and with possibly even ginormo cock and holy hot ass shots, I'd be okay with it. I might even buy the Blu-ray.

Now, if TPB were clever enough to also hire Jensen Ackles as the always nude, new-boyfriend-who-teaches-MF's-character-how-to-be-happy-through-copious-applications-of-blowjobs-and-athletic-anal-sex, I'd personally campaign for the sequel's Oscar nomination.

I mean, sometimes fans have to give back, right?