Thursday, August 08, 2013

I Am Link

--- Boy Flash - Apparently Bryan Singer is filming Evan Peters' action scenes as Quicksilver in the next X-Men movie at 3600 frames per second, aka 150 times the speed or normal photography, which, when played at regular speed, makes "very fast movement look incredibly slow." Quicksilver is the same character that Aaron Johnson might play in the second Avengers movie; because of split-up rights issues, the character can be used by the separate film universes as long as Joss makes no mention of the character being a mutant. All I'm getting from this is everybody agrees Quicksilver should be really hot.

--- She Devils - AICN is pretty sure they know which case of the Warrens that a second Conjuring movie would be focusing on, and it does sound like an awfully ripe premise. I just hope it's better than the first movie was. I'm psyched it'll have Patrick Wilson and Vera Faremiga back, though.

--- Rebel Loner - Because he knows we've been hearing this over and over again for ages now Paul Reubens really wants to make it clear that this time he really means it and there will be a new Pee Wee Herman movie filming next year, as well as a TV project of some sort. The script is finished and an announcement is "imminent." Mmmhmm.

--- Dress Diva - So happy that Kate Winslet's putting her post-Oscar break behind her and churning out the projects again - she's just signed on to make The Dressmaker about a couture designer in the 1950s who goes home to Australia to get some unspecified revenge. Even more exciting news is that Judy Davis is set to play her mother!

--- Ladies Night - And speaking of Kate, plus Michelle and Amanda and Charlize and Meryl, Nat rounds up the latest word on several lady's careers. The picture of Kate that he posted, seen there to the right, is divine.

--- Double Charlies - Also over at The Film Experience it was time for a new round of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" yesterday - this time everybody took on Alfred Hitchcock's favorite film of his own, the wonderful Shadow of a Doubt, which I was just talking about when I wrote up what I thought were the ten most memorable performances in his movies.

--- Stage Adore - I was just wondering yesterday what Penn Badgley might be up to in this post-Jeff Buckley world of his, and here's word that he's signed on to play a key role in the upcoming Shakespeare adaptation Cymbeline, which'll be reuniting Ethan Hawke with his MacBeth director Michael Almereyda. I'm happy they're making one of Bill's lesser-knowns; I don't recall ever having read Cymbeline.

--- Christ Compelled - Sean Durkin, the writer-director behind the marvelous Martha Marcy May Marlene, will no longer have anything to do with the proposed Exorcist mini-series - in fact it might not even be a miniseries now but an actual series, without an end in sight. DH claims it's taking its cue from Hannibal. I lose a lot of interest in this without Durkin's hand guiding it, but we'll see I guess.

--- Coven Get It - I can't believe I forgot to link to this earlier this week when I saw it but here's the first teaser for the third season of American Horror Story - it doesn't show any actually footage, it just gives us a creepy image a la the rubber suited man and that nun with the buckets from previous seasons. The cast of ladies hooked up for the witchery is so damned exciting, you guys. (ETA And here's a second promo!)

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