Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I Am Link

--- Snow Good - Once again I yell a hearty fuck you in Harvey Weinstein's general direction - despite glowing reviews as it was released in its home country, Weinstein is ordering South Korean director Bong Joon-ho to cut 20 minutes from Snowpiercer before he'll release it here in the US. And thus he guarantees I will download it off of the internet instead of paying to see it in the theater. Good work, douchebag!
--- White Death - It's less than a week until Breaking Bad is back for its final eight episodes and I don't know whether to be excited or sad - I wish I'd started watching the show earlier than this year, in one big mad marathon, so I could have drawn the enjoyment out over a longer period. To commemorate the beginning of Walter White's end, head over to Rolling Stone where our pal Sean is listing the ten most memorable murders from the series. Spoilers, obviously.

--- Prison Break - I can't remember which came first, me knowing that it was the 50th anniversary of The Great Escape this week - which Alexa is paying tribute to over at The Film Experience today - or me moving the movie to the top of my Netflix queue to watch, but whichever it was I have the film coming to me tomorrow, so I can finally watch it. I have a serious Steve McQueen deficiency in my seen movie pile.

--- Bad Eagle - The second new Muppets movie, now called Muppets Most Wanted, isn't out until March, but they've just gone ahead and released a teaser trailer and some pictures - it's shocking, shocking I say, how electric and giddy that picture of Sam the Eagle got me. I love the Muppets so much.

--- Dakota Man - I guess I knew that FX was making a Coen-approved limited-run series out of Fargo, but I guess I'd blocked it because what's Fargo without Frances McDormand waddling around? Nothing, if you ask me. Anyway Billy Bob Thornton has just taken the lead role, which... well, he's no Frances McDormand waddling around.
--- Joon No - The only reason I'm linking to this trailer for the new rom-com from the director of Benny & Joon - who the fuck has thought of that movie in twenty years? - is because it has Ryan Kwanten in it looking absolutely fucking adorable. Oh it has Catherine O'Hara too, and that matters.

--- Post Ha - Noah Baumbach's next next movie (he already has a Gerwig-starring follow-up to the perfect movie Frances Ha in the can, apparently) is about one middle-aged couple (played by Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) and one twenty-something couple (played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried) and the frission betwixt them. Charles Grodin has just joined the cast as Naomi's father; this is his first acting gig in years.

--- Ghost Dad - It was two weeks ago that we heard Rosemarie Dewitt was taking over the role of Suburban-Mom-Nearly-Raped-By-An-Evil-Spirit from JoBeth Williams in the Poltergiest remake; now comes word that Sam Rockwell is in talks to play Sexy-Dad-Who-Keeps-Saying- "Didntcha???"-At-The-End from Craig T. Nelson. I hope Sam wears sweatpants, is all I'm saying.

--- Muse On This - Right here I am reminding myself personally that I need to read this article over at Sound On Sight about the greatest pairing of Director and Actress in film history - I keep meaning to but haven't done so yet, and any list that starts with Shelley Duvall and ends with Tilda Swinton demands my most enraptured attention.

--- Gangster Squat - Similarly I've been meaning to read this article blaming The Godfather for all of the woes in all of the world or whatever, but haven't done that either. Hey gimme a break, I had to spend hours looking at pictures of shirtless Bollywood celebrities, alright? Speaking of, shirtless people of foreign stock that is, hey look it's our favorite recent Almodovar acquisition Miguel Angel Silverstre with his top off, hooray! (via; thanks Christian)


Peggy Sue said...

Glad you like it!

joel65913 said...

FYI-If you have the time or want to fire up the DVR this Friday the 9th is Steve McQueen day on TCM. They'll be showing many of his best films although unfortunately not two of my faves Baby the Rain Must Fall and The Towering Inferno.

Gus said...

Re the Dark Horizons piece on ‘Snowpiercer’ what kind of cack-handed philistine is Weinstein anyway? I see that we on this side of the pond – MUCH more sophisticated, of course – are to be treated to the shorter version too and all because Mr Knuckle-dragger Weinstein thinks that audiences in American mid-west won't "get it". I join you in your robust repudiation of that execrable fellow.