Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Am Link

--- Tucker To The Moon -  I'd just looked up Jonathan Tucker and his surprising muscles last week, wondering what he was up to, and here's news that really answers that question with an exclamation point - he's just joined the cast of the pilot for High Moon, the super-anticipated Bryan Fuller produced SyFy series-to-be about future astronautic adventures. Hellllll yes. Besides those surprising muscles, Tucker's a terrific young actor, and we've missed seeing him in things. Also good news - Charity Wakefield, who was totally adorable as Marilyn in the pilot of Fuller's wonderful Munster riff Mockingbird Lane, has taken a "guest starring" role in the pilot. And I do believe they're filming the pilot right now.

--- Breaking Bald - I was waiting to see if a source I was actually familiar with would report this news on their own without just pointing to the original sketchily-sourced-to-my-eyes report, but whatever, I'll just call it a heavily reported rumor that Bryan Cranston is totally for real for sure, maybe, signing on to play Lex Luthor after all. Also this rumor goes that he and Affleck are signing on for like five thousand movies at once, too. (Or six, whatever, same diff.) I guess we will see.

--- Cult Figure - Newly single (and still hot at 47) Vincent Cassel is replacing Oscar Isaac as the head of a cult in a film called Partisan, from an Aussie director who got a lot of notice for a short film he made. I would fall under Vincent Cassel's diabolical spell way easier than I would Oscar Isaac's, so I give this a plus.

--- Golden Death - The trailer for that AIDS movie that Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto lost all that weight for, called Dallas Buyers Club, is now online. I'm incredibly wary of this movie to be honest - it seems on the surface, and has since Day One, like a big ol' blatant shameless cry for Oscar recognition. 

--- Got Soul - Chadwick Boseman, the dude who played Jackie Robinson in 42, is now going to play the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. (Whaaaaaaw, he feels good.) Those are not really two men one thinks of in the same breath, Jackie and James, so it's a little bit curious to see an actor playing both. I hope Chadwick's got the give-it-to-you to give it to us.

--- Kill Hawkeye - I just keep linking to random bits and pieces from the big EW cover story with Joss Whedon because that's how I'm getting my news from it, not having read the whole thing myself. Here's a story about what Joss has to say about killing characters (one of Whedon's fortes) in Marvel movies. The cool part are the animatics at the end of the story at that link though.

--- And Speaking of Mr. Whedon, a lot of people are taking what Joss had to say about Ben Affleck taking the Batman role as a "Hey give the guy a break!" defense, but I'm instead choosing to read it as a polite way of calling Affleck an arrogant asshole, since that fits with my basic point of view.

--- Shirt Ripper - Here's a pretty funny chat with Eric Bana (who is always fine but looking mighty fine right now, as you can see to the right) nominally talking about his new thriller Closed Circuit, but more often just taking swipes at his version of the Hulk. I agree with their interviewer that Ang Lee's film is better than he's giving it credit for. It's not perfect, but it's interesting.

--- Miss Bell - Filing this away to read in a bit - AICN has a nice long chat with Kristen Bell about her work in The Lifeguard (which I thought she was quite good in) and then all about the upcoming Veronica Mars movie. (thx mac)

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