Monday, August 26, 2013

I Am Link

--- Real Time Tom - The Playlist has the first picture and the first clip from Tom Hardy's upcoming movie called Locke, both of which show the same thing - Tom Hardy driving - which makes sense since apparently the film is a real-time affair, with Hardy in every single frame from start to finish, most of which he spends driving. I imagine he interacts with people while doing all this driving, since there are other actors in it. Oh and Tom Hardy's joined Twitter for real, verified and everything. Let's hope he gets back into the selfie business, we need a lot more shots like the one to the left.

--- Bat Stard - So there were loads of news-items this weekend about Ben Affleck's batastrophic decision - THR has a big piece on how he got picked (reading between the lines it sounds like Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling both turned it down); it sounds like Christopher Nolan isn't producing the sequel after all, and Affleck himself is picking up a lot of behind-the-scenes duties (that's sure to win over fanboys); and one good tid-bit - Affleck won't have to time make a new version of Stephen King's It, so the director of Crazy Heart is stepping in to take that over.

--- Repli Can - Over to the better Affleck - Casey is re-teaming with his Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery to make a sic-fi flick called To Be Two, which is about teleportation and cloning and yadda yadda. Basically it'll be a chance for two Casey Afflecks on screen at once, possibly doing the mirror routine from Duck Soup.

--- 12 Tops 13 - I tweeted my immediate post-screening reaction which gives the game away but still I'll presumably have plenty - so much plenty! - more to say about the wonderful film Short Term 12 later, once I gather my wits about me. For now go read Nathaniel's official review at The Film Experience, which went up over the weekend.

--- Da Ba Dee - If you wanna have some clues about what Guardians of the Galaxy is going to look like, story-wise at least, then head over to DH where they have some quotes from the head of Marvel about all that (who the main villain is, when it's set, so on). Also there are a couple pictures of Michael Rooker on the set right here, looking... mighty blue.

--- Park Stars - Congrats to the extremely worthy newest member of the Billion Dollar Club - with its 3D re-release in China this past weekend Steven Spielberg's 1993 flick Jurassic Park finally crossed that threshhold twenty years after its release.

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