Friday, August 09, 2013

Good Morning, World

Last night after falling down a rabbit hole of links I somehow ended up on this AV Club review of the Netflix original horror series Hemlock Grove; I haven't given Grove much thought since I suffered through the first seven or eight episodes and then called it quits - god it's terrible, terrible stuff, as that review makes clear, hysterically so.

Anyway this morning I see it's Bill Skarsgard's birthday, he's turning 23. (These shots here are from something he acted in called Simple Simon when he was 19.) I also see he hasn't got any new projects lined up. What do you think is next for Bill? He's really ridiculously awful on HG but absolutely everybody is, I don't think it's entirely fair to hold it against him. Or at least the full brunt of it. Anyway he's from a Name Family so I think he'll be fine; he can just go back to Sweden and do something serious with his father to build cred or whatever. (I almost said "rebuild" but I'm not entirely possible he had bunches of cred on himself going in. Anybody familiar with his earlier stuff?) Blah blah hit the jump for a few more shots...

And here are a pair of bonus gifs from something called Himlen Ar Oskyldigt Bla ("Heaven Is Innocent" is its direct translation but I m not sure what it was called here).

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adam said...

Agree .... Hemlock Grove was awful. Loved the pics of Bill though. Hope you don't mind if I appropriate them for my blog ... I will (of course) credit you and your site for them!