Friday, August 02, 2013

Good Morning, Gratuitous Demian Bichir

So Demien Bechir was one of Mary-Louise Parker's suitors, 
I take it from these shots from Weeds?

I didn't know he was on that show. Hell when it comes to Demian Bichir, there's a lot I don't know. I still haven't seen his Oscar nominated turn in A Better Life - have you seen it? 

I only looked him up yesterday since I saw it was his fiftieth birthday and thought to myself I should try and see him in something only to realize that I have, and recently - he was in The Heat? I can vaguely form together an image of him in the movie in my mind, but it's only half an impression and I couldn't even begin to tell you what character he was. Maybe it was one of their bosses? I dunno. 

Same goes for Savages, which he was also apparently in, although all I really remember of that movie at this point is Aaron Johnson's ass and Salma Hayek chewing.

Have any of you seen The Bridge, the television show he co-stars with Diane Kruger on? I've seen the commercials, but as much as I love Diane Kruger - I think she's great - I can't help but feel a little bit worn down on cop shows. And I don't even watch the majority of them! But if Demian wears those pants, which are expressing themselves in just the right places, I'm there.

So anyway I think I will notice him in things now that I've looked up a bunch of pictures of him. When you've spent an hour of your life cropping somebody's butt cheeks, a bond is formed. And speaking of, butt cheeks and bonds, hit the jump for the rest of the pics...

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Rodrigo said...

I had noticed him and I think he's very sexy! I've seen "A Better Life" it's pretty decent movie!