Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do Dump or Marry - The Great Gatsby Giveaway!

Baz Luhramnn's Fitzgerald-adaptation The Great Gatsby came out on DVD and BluRay this week, and whaddya know I have a copy of the Blu to give away! How cool, how beautiful, just like those infamous silk shirts raining down on Daisy Buchanan, flapper of leisure and heartbreak. Here's my review of the film from earlier this year. Anyway in figuring out what the contest to give it away could be, I realized that I somehow never did a Do Dump or Marry for the fine fellows that star in the movie. So let's!

If you'd like to pretend your Daisy and answer this query for their characters (writer Nick Carraway, charlatan Jay Gatsby, and thug Tom Buchanan) then by all means do that, or you can go ahead and tell me which of the actors (Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Joel Edgerton) you would do dump and marry. Either way's fine. 

Leave a comment letting me know your Doer your Dumper and your Marrier (make sure to include your email address), or email me at this address here, and you'll automatically be entered into the contest to win the Blu. A winner will be chosen at random. One caveat - the contest is only open for US residents. And if you just want to answer the question and don't want the BluRay for whatever reason that's cool, just specify that. I'll choose a winner on Sunday, September 1st. Good luck, everybody!


The Bloody Munchkin said...

I haven't seen the most recent, but on a literary level, I'd do Carraway, dump Buchanon, and marry Gatsby. Same goes for the movie version with Redford, because yum. The movie version with DiCaprio though? much different results, but I'm not sure I can make that judgement call without seeing the latest movie so...

On an actorly level, I'd have to marry Edgerton (But only if he where's those jhodpurs forever, because yum), do, Maguire and dump Dicaprio on his ferretty squinty face.

tyliagardner @ hotmail (dot) com

Ryan T. said...

As Daisy... do Thom Buchanan, marry Jay Gatsby, and dump Nick Carraway.

As myself... do Tobey Maguire, marry Joel Edgerton, and dump Leonardo DiCaprio.

Anonymous said...

Easy! Definitely do Leonardo DiCaprio (I won't be perpetually model skinny for marriage). Marry Joel in a Kinky Boots meets Warrior themed ceremony. Dump Tobey and the horse he rode in on.

zacharyseltzer @ gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...


As their characters I'd definitely dump Nick Carraway, marry Jay Gatsby and do the hell out of Tom multiple times.

As the actors themselves, I'd still dump Maguire (gross)...but there it gets tricky. Like, Joel Edgerton is so much hotter than Leo that I'd like to marry him AND do him all the time, so can I just say I'd dump BOTH Leo and Tobey and stay completely faithful to Joel?

Oh, and

brookea_2006 said...

Do Leo, Marry Joel, and Dump Tobey

brookea_2006 at yahoodotcom

Doug said...

Do Joel
Dump Leo
Marry Tobey

Matthew said...

As Daisy: I would absolutely marry Tom Buchanan. He's filthy rich, probably doesn't care too much if I sleep around on the DL, and is sophisticated AND brutish (what a combo). I would have to fuck Gatsby because....I mean...he's too mysterious NOT to have a romp with. And Nick Carraway will just have to be the man I kill because I can't take someone with such little personality.

As my hot slut mess self: I'd fuck. the. living. daylights. out of Joel Edgerton. Especially if we're talking about the Joel Edgerton AS Tom Buchanan. Who didn't want to get into those jodhpurs?! Leo would have to be the boy I marry because he's Leo and I want to own him. Then I'd kill Tobey because of the same reasons I'd kill Nick Carraway. Perfect casting, that.

Brad Newton said...

Do Tobey, Dump Joel, Marry Leo.

G K said...
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G K said...

Do Joel, dump Leo, and marry Tobey.

kstewownsme at hotmail dot com

Joey said...

Do DiCaprio, because, unlike the Academy, I will give him what he deserves.

Marry Edgerton, because, like America, I haven't warmed up to him like I should, and through the essence of time, I will love him.

Dump Maguire, because he destroyed that nice kitchen that Jake Gyllenhaal made for him in Brothers. You don't wreck something made with Gyllenhaal's bare hands

Joey said...

Oh! I forgot my email address!

MrJeffery said...

do Joel
dump Tobey
marry Leo

Confess Lee said...

17As Daisy: Do - Gatsby
Marry - Thom
Dump - Nick

As Myself:
Do & Marry Joel
Dump Leo (Modelizer) & Tobey (Just EW!)

sexybitchoc @ (dot) com

xo xo

Jacob Devine said...

Do: Tom Buchanan. I mean come on.

Dump: Sorry Nick,'re taking up space.

Marry: Gatsby, for his money, the parties, and the brooding. Ain't nothing wrong with a little brooding.

jacobadevine at

Francisco Estrada said...

Choosing the actors because I would pretty much dump all the characters.

Do: Tobey Maguire, but only if it's in his Spider-man days.

Dump: Leo, I find him insufferable pretty much always.

Marry: Joel, hes pretty much jumped on my radar in a couple of months lately so yeah.

Anonymous said...

Do: Tom
Marry: Gatsby
Dump: Nick

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

This is surprisingly easy.

As Daisy, do Tom Buchanan, preferably multiple times over one night ('cos you just KNOW he's a beast in the sack, especially as played by Joel Edgerton, but he's really not so nice of a guy, plus cheats on you with that slut Myrtle); marry Gatsby because... come on... he really loves you! And dump Nick, because I'm not into incest, no matter how removed he is.

As myself, do Leo (just to say I did... he strikes me as especially insufferable), dump Toby (doesn't do anything for me), and marry Joel. Marry the HELL out of Joel - he's delicious AND a cool guy.

[tapman86 at gmail]

Lizou said...

As a character in the book, I'd do Tom Buchanan, marry Gatsby, and dump Nick Carraway. For those lovely mens in real life, I'd dump Tobey Maguire, do Leonardo DiCaprio, and marry Joel Edgerton. And I'd probably make Joel wear those fancy Tom Buchanan outfits and get him to invite his friend Tom Hardy over. Then invite you, JA, paying the good fortune forward and all, haha.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

Do: Joel (and make him get me a humid apartment that looks like the insides of the Moulin Rouge! elephant)
Dump: Tobey (seriously)
Marry: Leo! (he's a future President and I'm first lady material)

jose.solis.mayen (at)

Angela said...

Do: Joel
Marry: Leonardo (duh)
Dump: Tobey

nomfreebies at hotmail dot com

redhead said...

Marry Leo.
Do Edgerton.
Dump Tobey

adagherkin said...

I would do Jay
I would dump Nick
I would marry Daisy

ada.gherkin07 at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

marry Leo, do Tobey, dump Joel

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Murtada said...

well I;m already married to Tom and he's a good provider, I'll keep doing Gatsby on the side and ewww Nick's my cousin