Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can This Just Happen Already?

I've been following the progress of a movie version of Patricia Highsmith's great book The Price of Salt for many, many years now. It tells the story of the dangerous romance between a shop-girl and a society woman back in the 1950s. I knew the moment I read the book, going on a decade ago now, that Cate Blanchett was perfect for the lead, and sure enough she soon thereafter became the name attached to the project. Yadda yadda years have passed, the director of Boy A was supposed to make it, yadda yadda, then he wasn't, yadda, but then in May the director Todd Haynes hooked up with it, it got a title - Carol, after the Blanchett character - and all seemed golden! The Weinsteins followed soon after, and Mia Wasikowska was set to play the young one that Blanchett would be illicitly romancing. S'all golden! (And I'm pretty sure I've recounted this like ten times at this point, by the way.) 

Well now comes word that Wasikowska is outta there. Boo, I loved her for the part. But wait! There's instantly a replacement! And she's not bad - it's Rooney Mara, who I also totally like. I would have said pre-Stoker that Wasikowska brought a sweetness and innocence to the role that Mara doesn't, but now Mia's dirtied herself up, and Mara seems to have been purposefully smiling lately, so I can see it. Whatever though, at this point they could hire Rebel Wilson, as long as they just make the damned movie!

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