Friday, August 23, 2013

Next Is You're Next

I'm irritated that I couldn't get into a preview screening of it but hey, the horror movie I've been jonesing to see for literally years now, You're Next, is out this weekend! Actually it came out last night at 10pm and I was thisclose to going but my boyfriend's out of town and horror movies without watching him jump around (he's a jumper) are just never as much fun, so I'm waiting til Sunday when he gets back. But maybe you have seen it? If you have don't fucking spoil it, I just said I haven't seen it yet, god can't you listen? But you know, feel free to give me a vague "It was good!" or "It made me clench my asshole so hard it fell off!" or whatever in the comments, if you want to. And if anybody wants to send me one of the glorious glorious posters for the movie I'd love you forever. I keep eying them on EBay but they're going for too much, or at least more than I'm willing to spend on a movie I haven't seen yet.

What else are you guys going to see this weekend? I am making good use of my half-day today and seeing Short Term 12 in about an hour (I just love Brie Larson so much and am so excited about all the attention shes getting for this). But there's also The World's End, which I've already seen and loved the hell out of and will be seeing a second time, and Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster, which I have also seen, and not loved the hell out of. And I have heard really excellent things about Una Noche, so I'm gonna hit that up when I can. So glad that the Summer movies are behind us and some really interesting things are finally showing up!


Dale M. said...

You're Next is incredible. It's scary, exciting, and funny. I already plan to see it again.

Anonymous said...

The movie was pretty awesome. I was definitely jumping