Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You Know I Love Surprises

I'm beginning to feel suspect about the good news streak I'm having this week, you guys. Out of nowhere I'm (probably, no jinx) getting to see The World's End tonight; I just got word that I am getting to go after all to the Breaking Bad panel at Lincoln Center tomorrow (their system had crashed and I'd lost the tickets I'd wanted so badly, but now they've fixed it, hooray); a concert I'd bought tickets for but it turned out I wasn't going to be able to attend got cancelled at the last minute and the money I was set to lose was refunded instead; a friend of mine gifted me with an HD digital projector that apparently requires only the most basic of fixes that I feel entirely up to the task of making before the thousand dollar cast-off will work perfectly and I can set about making the home theater I've always dreamed of... happy tidings, y'all!

So naturally, this is all some kind of set up. Fate is going to skull fuck me sideways any second. Well until then, let's look at some more extraordinarily awesome news, eh? Awhile back we'd heard that Sam Mendes was going to make Penny Dreadful, a series for Showtime that would be a sort-of spin on A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where old-timey literary characters would congregate together and have super adventures. Well now two actors have been announced - Josh Hartnett, who we were just asking about only a week ago, will play a "fake cowboy" named Ethan Chandler, and Eva Green will play basically the show's lead, a "haunted heroine" named Vanessa Ives. We looooove Eva Green and we looooove looking at Josh Hartnett, so this is fantastic. The director of The Orphanage is directing the first episodes, too. Excellent.

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