Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... pinned by Mike Vogel.

I wish I had a copy of Blue Valentine on me, I would finally properly cap the brief scene where we see him wrestling, which it's unfathomable I haven't done yet. For now, those two shots, and a happy 34th birthday to Mike!

What are we thinking about Under the Dome, you guys? I'm an episode behind; honestly I'm not all that invested in it, but I keep watching because, to paraphrase my boyfriend the other night, "they really know what they've got with Mike Vogel's ass." 

(See also those caps I made the other week.) Maybe I'm giving them too much credit and it's just impossible shoot Mike Vogel in a pair of jeans and not have Mike Vogel's meaty ass and thighs be a factor. Whatever the case, it's an easy enough way to lose fifty minutes.


Anonymous said...

The show's a fucking bore.

Dale M. said...

"Dome" is pretty bad, but I keep watching for the hot guys (including sexy teddy bear Dean Norris). You should check out the screen cap of Mike and his tight, tight jeans holding onto the underpinning of a truck: