Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quote of the Day

Earlier today I linked to the first of a four-part series at The AV Club where they're talking with Hannibal's Bryan Fuller about each and every episode - the second part went up this afternoon, wherein he speaks upon the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh episodes of the first season, and when the chat turns to Gina Torres' terrific performance as Crawford's wife who's dying of cancer the topic of death and Bryan's fascination with it comes up...

"It’s what we’re living up against. We have this wild life experience that is full of fantastic minutiae and banal, huge events at the same time. Yet, all of it shrinks in the shadow of death. [Laughs.] It’s hard to argue with death as a game-changer. I’m fascinated with it because it’s the punctuation—the punctuation to the sentence that is life. Growing up, there were a lot of funerals that I attended, and the adults at the funerals went out of their way to make sure that I wasn’t traumatized or overly depressed by them. So death is always a celebration of life for me, and it’s also hugely dramatic. It doesn’t get more dramatic than death. As a horror movie fan, I was very obsessed with horror films. Still am. I love the genre. For me, horror films are opera, and they are… instead of consumption killing off the young lovers, it’s Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. It is when the stakes are at their absolute largest in a story: whether somebody is going to live or die. In a way, it’s just holding up a mirror to life. We only really, deeply consider what our life is when we’re faced with mortality on some level."

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